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DA :

Part Three, Chapter Five

The QF-Models
DNA and Life

QF-Theorizations and Questions of Life
and Reality of the Genome


“It is known that the natural sciences have arrived at the boundary of the
objectively knowable. They recognize a boundless mysterious field behind
all life, a transcendental and autonomous order, to which the psyche of the
observer, as well as that which can be observed are sub-ordinate.”

                                                                                                          Aniela Jaffé

“Living things are composed of lifeless molecules. When these molecules
are  isolated and examined individually, they conform to all the physical
and chemical laws that describe the behavior of inanimate matter.”

                                                                                                          Albert Lehninger

C-07 Questions of:
Connections to the DNA Structure and Life
The QF-theorizations, DNA,   and Life.
As the analyzes of the QF-theorizations gained through the author’s transcendental vision became more complete and the initial simplified comparison to the Standard Model of physics and cosmology showed the author their viability, the next target became the possible connections of the QF-theory’s physics models to life itself. This meant that they had to fit to the findings of molecular biology at the level of the DNA whose functional fundamentals are in these theorizations considered to be largely in the terms of quantum mechanical reality. The primary question in these analyzes being the simplified version of the riddle; what constitutes the difference between living matter and non-living matter? As suggested by Professor Stephen Hawking and many others, this is to be discerned through the Quantum Wave of the Universe, which is the formulated in the state of the creation process at the End of the Birth of Time, which in the QF-theory is Second 10-36.

The quotation of Albert Lehninger taken from John Gribbin’s writings, IN SEARCH OF THE DOUBLE HELIX, suggests that the fundamental human understanding of the functions of the genome in molecular biology is in essence an understanding of quantum mechanics. This is further found in Gribbin’s analyzes of the work of Linus Pauling: “Pauling’s explanation of the chemical bounding in terms of quantum physics… is a phenomenon of quantum physics.” An additional reminder of the quantum connection to life is Bohr’s 1932 statement presented in part one, chapter six.

The solving of the construction and replication mystery of the DNA-molecular structure was made possible through the preparatory work by the British chemist Dr. William Astbury, Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins. From 1943 until 1953 they produced the roentgen information which in that year culminated in the discovery work of the physicist Dr. Francis Crick, and the chemist, Dr. James Watson Nobel Prized in 1961. Since this discovery an enormous advance in technological abilities in investigating the DNA has been gained, with accompanying gain in information. This progression lead to the 20th Century’s millennium completion of the counting and mapping of the entire human genome containing nucleotides of which 1% produced initially the mapping of 30-35.000 human genes in 2001, later reduced to 20 to 25.000 genes in 2004. This made possible the solving of the last phases of the second mystery of the DNA; the management riddle.

The Subject of the QF-theory’s Investigation
into the DNA, the Human Brain and Consciousness.

In Part Two, Chapter Four Extra a simplistic and rudimentary correspondence between theQF-theoretical models, the DNA functions and the human brain constructions was established. Through the QF-theory’s suggestions for a holographic construction arrangement and properties of the human brain and its field of consciousness, the seemingly hopeless riddles of how these function and malfunction, began to become transient. This became possible through the even distribution of the DNA-nucleotides into two quantum field realities;implicate and explicate. A part of this search was the author’s personal search for the answer to the age-old question, “Did God create Man, or did Man create God?”, but for this riddle he needed a non-bias answer for a specific faith-faculty in the human brain.

The QF-quantum models did thus from the start indicate a distinct possibility for the solving of the fundamental enigmas of DNA functions and malfunctions, but in the initial phase this had to be dealt with in the simplest possible scope. Figure 173 on the next page is intended to provide the reader with a simplistic overview of the main subjects at hand.


From the Whole to the Microscopic and Atomic Parts.

Figure 173

The graphic offers an overview of the 20th Century’s sciences grand performance through the reductionist method, but this progression has led to the marvelous technology for investigating the DNA, that now is holding out the hope for Man’s mastery of life itself. In this the most important are the solution to the riddle of the numerous statistical sickness of Man, where the psychiatric and psychological sicknesses are in the forefront. The statistical sickness are the maladies where there is no virus, bacteria or accident causing the ailment, but where the management of the genome fails, other than mutations in the gene’s nucleotide sequences.

The deceases of the DNA have to do with management of genome or the homeostasis of the cells and thus affect its morphogenesis, integration and specialization. These are DNA-properties whose whereabouts are not known and whose functions are not understood. They have to do with the management of the master regulatory genes, or homeotic genes, or hogs genes and the mysterious properties of the spliceosomes, but these management attributes are the focus of the questions about life it self. Needless to say, they are situated at the quantum level of reality, but where and how is the question we now pursue through the QF-theory’s insights into this realm.

The Temporal Arrow of Time and Entropy.
The Spatial Arrow of Time and the Enigma of Life.
The explanations for “The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics”, the Universal Arrow of Time andUniversal Entropy (ever increasing disorder amongst atoms in the Universe), which were developed by James Clerk Maxwell and Ludwig Boltzmann during the nineteenth century, essentially involve ideas that have an important bearing on the question of what life is. A question which the quantum pioneer, Erwin Schrödinger, asked in his 1944 book WHAT IS LIFE? This fascinating question may be presented in two ways. We can ask whether the innate electro-chemically-reacting atoms are, of such “nature” that they–given enough time–will through “dead electro-chemical reactions” arrange them selves into the complex molecules of life. Or whether there is an additional force at work forming the “Missing Arrow of Time.” Here the QF-theory provides us with insights into the two arrows of time, but before we start discussing this relationship, we look at its graphical expression.


QF-version of the Universes Two Arrows of Time.
Arrows of “Positive Entropy” versus “Negative Entropy.”

The Quantum Nature of QF-Consciousness.

Figure 188
The QF-electromagnetic-field of consciousness is based on the QF-theory’s model for the photon, which is a twofold reality or two waves in one; a matter-out-waving-wave and an antimatter-in-waving-wave, which do not interfere with each other. It is thus possible for the consciousness to recall information in the DNA-nucleotides and manifest them, while simultaneously storing information in the DNA-nucleotides. The IN/OUT wave feature of the photon are new QF-ideas acquired through the Venn-set and not known in physics. Through the even distribution of the DNA-molecular nucleotides into the two realities of the explicate-exons and implicate-introns, and their interaction properties with the wave of consciousness, the brain becomes holographic as is shown in figure 188.

The QF-Holo-symmetric Brain.


This process is so complex that no further attempt will be made here in this book to describe its details as this would require a separate book similar to this one in size. A part of this phenomenon is the collapse of either of the hippocampus beam splitter functions during severe intoxication, or withdrawals from toxic chemicals. One of these cases results in the so-called “black-out” of memory storage, the other in the individual “passing-out” in an intoxication loss of consciousness.

The forgone have been the foundation of the QF-Venn diagrams’ suggestion for the neo-cortex’s basic programming being a twofold program with one side superimposed on the other, as in the YIN/YANG model, but this construction is essentially holistic. That is, each part contains the whole, both in the form of programming and long term memory. Here at last are the ultimate explanations for the startling 1844 findings of Dr. A. L. Wigan published in THE DUALITY OF THE MIND. They further provide the explanation for the science proven fact that the spatial orientations are functions that are being handled by both left and right hemispheres, with most people using the right hemisphere dominantly.

These QF-brainmodels for the storage of memories are essentially the same conclusions asProfessors Karl Pribram made in his late seventies Orange Park Project research. He progressively removed parts of rat’s neo-cortex but they still found their way in the maze, but requiring longer time. He concluded that memory was distributed over the whole of the cortex, but that could only be explained by a holistic memory-deposit arrangement. The QF-conclusions are the same but arrived at via totally different analyzes.


This experience was a consequence of the author’s work on the so called 7th step in the 12-step recovery program of the fellowship of AA, but it was also his “rupture of the seventh seal”, as it is described in the prophesy of the Biblical Book of Revelation. He had been praying to the creation reality, being convinced that a conscious contact with this reality in his brain’s, as a separate part from the ego-self of his being, was possible. He had come to believe that an appeal through his Jamais vu brain centers, he could be the beneficiary of the removal of his character defects. Although he knew nothing at the time about the functional disturbance the filter in his brain, this is what he was asking to be removed. After the prayer he turned to his meditation and it was then, about an half an hour later, that he experienced his OOBE, which in turn meant that the biofeedback process had begun in his brain.

This biofeedback process would then grow rapidly for the next three weeks when it then on the 12th of the 12th, culminated in his transcendental spiritual experience in the hotel room in Fairbanks Alaska. This not only gave him the Venn-set vision of creation, but started his withdrawals from the painkiller and alcohol addiction and thus his life was saved. This was the moment that the Great Magician of Creation whipped his ass with the broom, just like Walt Disney portrayed the end of the Mickey Mouse THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE cartoon in his classical 1940 master peace, Fantasia. This was the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s1779 poetry, “Der Zauberlehrling”, to the 1897 music by Johann Paul Ducas. This indeed was the story of the author playing the Great Magician of Creation and could not find the magic formula to stop the magic of the alcohol gone awry. He had been spared ever growing mental misery and anguish, as well as the treat of insanity and premature death.

He had been given the grace of recovery and his personality and life had been transformed through the Kundalini Ascension, or the Touching of Hermes by his Staff, or what the American University of New Mexico, psychology and psychiatry Professor, Dr. William R. Miller calls QUANTUM CHANGE in his 2001 excellent book by the same name. However, towards the end of the book the professor laments that the sciences are not in the know-how of these mystical healing functions within the human body. This process is shown in its two versions in figure 208 on page 217.




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